Kellen’s Petty Talk Show

Episode 27 - Pat Casey and Josh Miller (Sonic the Hedgehog)

April 5, 2021

Pat Casey and Josh Miller are the dream team everyone wish they could be with their best friend. They've come so far in their career from making silly videos in college to writing the screenplay for SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (2020). Josh also runs a very successful horror event series in Los Angeles called Friday Night Frights. He's hosted so many great screenings with countless celeb appearances and brilliant panel discussions. Josh and Pat have been green-lit to write the sequel to SONIC and are working on more than most can handle. We enjoyed talking about their less favorable or known-about past work and it was an absolute riot. 

If you enjoy this episode, please go check out their work. These two are taking Hollywood by its balls and never letting go. It was such a privilege to get to talk to them. Much thanks to these two for their time. 


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